Ramadan Quiz Cootie Catcher

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An easy STEAM Project for Ramadan and Eid. These Date Palm Cootie Catcher printables are an easy Ramadan project to print and distribute in the classroom. There are two versions of this cootie catchers available - the first contains a set of Ramadan facts. The second cootie catcher is blank so the children can practice writing and adding their own newly learnt facts for Ramadan and Eid.

You could also use this a charity or kindness cootie catcher and get students to write their own kindness pledges for Ramadan.

This paper craft profits the opportunity to develop writing skills, learn about religion and Ramdan and also promotes fine motor skills!

This 3 page printable American Flag pack includes:

* Printable step by step cootie catcher making instructions on one worksheet

* Choice of two date palm printables - one blank and one with quiz questions

Key Learning Objectives:

* Folding skills

* Looking at shapes and symmetry

* Following instructions

* Seasonal Activity

* Opportunity to learn facts about Ramadan

* Writing practice

* Fact learning

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Ramadan Quiz Cootie Catcher

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