Full Set of Spinners (3 Color + 4 Black & White)

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Paper Spinner Toys – Simple STEAM Projects

3 Full Color (print and make) 3 Coloring Pages with patterns and 1 design your own.

Paper spinners are a fun and easy STEAM Project to explore optics and color theory and friction (if making a penny spinner). These paper spinner toys are a great fun activity to add to any lesson plan and get children creating and designing. It is also an opportunity to get children’s gross motor skills going in order to create the movement required to spin the spinners. Note: it can take children a while to get the hang of it, so encourage them to persevere and be patient! If replacing the string with a penny, this can become a traditional table spinner to look at friction and optics at the same time.

Printable comprises 8 Pages:

1) Introduction page + short written assembly instructions (no photo steps)

2) 3 x full color spinners - rainbow, swirl and boxed

4) 4 x plain spinners to design yourself - full plain, swirl, boxed and segment

The full plain one can be used to create designs such as "emoji faces" etc.

Extension ideas: replace the string "spin" element with a penny to make a table top penny spinners and also explore friction.


· Paper

· Card (e.g. a cereal box)

· String (15-16inches per spinner) – or a penny!

· Pens

· Glue stick, scissors

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Full Set of Spinners (3 Color + 4 Black & White)

0 ratings
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